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  • Annesha and Co - Online Bengali book store. Offers a range of books by Bengali authors.
  • Asian Edu. Supplies - Offer books on India and artworks.
  • BCA Question Papers - Old question papers of IGNOU BCA exam on sale.
  • Biblio Club - A forum to sell, purchase, exchange, brand new and second hand books.
  • The Book Service - Offer books on economics, environment, natural sciences, computers and general subjects.
  • Books on Indian Heritage - Offer books on Panchatantra, Hitopadesha, bhajans, and gazals.
  • Brownstudy on Heathenland - A book on Indian thoughts, character, history and scriptures by M.N.Behera.
  • Diamond Comics - Distributors of diamond comics, books on Vastu, and Indian story books for children.
  • Eastern Book Company - Offer law books and journals.
  • eTrue Value - Online bookstore offering academic, professional, and fictional books.
  • First and Second - On line store offering books, music titles and subscriptions to international magazines.
  • Gobookshopping - An online book store providing books on travel, children, cookery, philosophy, and spirituality.
  • Good Books - Details of the chain of bookstores in Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, also their activities including workshops for children.
  • - Online book catalogue and book sales.
  • Gujarati Books - A large collection of Gujarati books and publications, with an on-line shopping facility.
  • ICFAI Press - Magazines, journals and books in finance, management and law. Offers online sales and a book club.
  • India Research Press - Offers a variety of titles on education, health, academic and general topics.
  • Indus Books - Offer books on the Himalayas, adventure, travel, self-help, health, and baby care.
  • Indus International - A mailorder bookstore of books from India with worldwide delivery.
  • Lucky Exports. - Sales of professional, technical and specialised books, from Jalgaon, Maharashtra.
  • Navbharat Sahitya Mandir - Publisher of Gujarati books. Online book store for Gujarati books. Branches in Ahmedabad and Mumbai.
  • Om Book Shop - Offer a collection of books on education, computers, cookery, and fashion.
  • Prakash Books - Wholesalers, retailers and publishers in India. Shop offering online sales.
  • Pustak Mahal - Publisher of popular books in English and Hindi.
  • Vedams Books - Sells books published in India. Includes excerpts and tables of content.