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Just Added Sites

  • Aaka International - Manufactures engineering goods, brass builder's hardware, wrought iron goods and furniture, home furnishings, automotive and turned metal parts.
  • Ganm - Metal castings, forgings, turned components and other engineering products.
  • Harindra Auto Industries - Manufacturing oil seals, water pumps, o-rings, gaskets and rubber parts for vehicles.
  • Plasticizers and Allied Chemicals - Manufacturers of engine coolants, diffusion pump oil, flame retardants, and phosphate plastizers.
  • Pragati Plastics, Pvt., Ltd. - Manufacturer of PTFE raw materials including rods, sheets, hollows, profiles and custom parts.
  • Sahaj Cerchem - Manufacturer and exporter of ceramic frits, colours and shades, enamel frits and glaze, abrasive bonding frits and fluxes.