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  • Aakritee Packaging - Manufacturers of corrugated boxes and rolls, folding cartons and other packaging materials.
  • Aakriti Packaging - Packaging material suppliers, manufacturers.
  • Amrat Packaging - Manufacturer of corrugated boxes.
  • Classic Bottle Caps Pvt. Ltd. - Makers of aluminium bottle caps. Details of facilities, production and ordering.
  • Ezeeflex Plastics - Manufactures plastics packaging films such as polyolefin shrink packaging films, polyethylene shrink films, pallet wrapping stretch films and packaging machine systems.
  • Kapish Print Pack - Manufacturers of packaging and lamination materials, and ultrasonic pouches.
  • Modern Laminators Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer and exporter of laminated paper, polycoated paper, polycoated paper board and other laminates.
  • Mono Plastic Industries - Manufacturers and exporters of wide width polyethene films, shrink films, plastic garbage bags, LDPE/HDPE/LLDPE films, polypropylene bags, rolls and tubes.
  • New Light Products - Manufacturer and exporter of poly bags, ployester pouches, sheets, rolls and other items related to the packaging industry from India.
  • Sakar Packaging - Manufacturer of corrugated paper boxes and cardboard boxes.
  • Spick Global Films - Manufacturers of packaging materials.