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Just Added Sites

  • Chandresh Cables - Manufacturer of industrial power and control, and pvc flexible cables and wires.
  • Digital Instruments Corporation - Manufacturer of electronic process control and analytical instruments.
  • EAPL - Makers of timers, temprature controllers and measuring equipment, counters and switches.
  • Industrial Electrical Corporation - Continuously variable voltage auto-transformers, automatic voltage servo stabilizers and variable speed DC motor drives.
  • RHP Group - Makers of communication cables including filled cables, optical fiber cables, and coaxial cables.
  • Sangam Heat Electricals - Makers of industrial heaters and driers.
  • Sunshine Sensors - Manufacturer of a variety of load cells.
  • Wavetronics - Makers of industrial electronic goods, including process control instruments and measuring devices.
  • XSIS Power System Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer of electric supply stabilisation equipment; including UPS, line conditioner, spike guards.