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Just Added Sites

  • Akibo Suspension - Manufacturers of hydraulic shock absorbers for motor vehicles. Contains company profile, product range and a brief on the product development process.
  • Bright Brothers - Manufacturer and suppliers of plastic auto parts, instrument panels, automotive components, dashboards bumpers and car console parts.
  • Clamps India Limited - Manufacturer and exporter of automotive exhaust clamps, plates, building hardware and pipe connectors. Includes a profile, product range and contact information.
  • Injecto Limited - Manufactures fuel injection pipes, pressure die-casting parts, brakes, clutch and fuel tube assemblies, nylon tube assemblies and hydraulic brake hose assemblies. Contains product range and company profile.
  • Jayem Auto Industries - Manufacturers of automotive gaskets.
  • Oswal Electricals - Maker of diecast automobile and motor components. Contains company profile, product range, information on design and tool rooms and machine shops.
  • Sharp Shox - Makers of hydraulic shock absorbers for all types of automobiles.
  • Sun Autoelektrik - Manufacture auto electrical components, tacho drives, gear drives, automotive horns, and spare parts.
  • Super Seal - Makers of oil seals, flexible hoses, sealing gaskets, stable sealing materials. Includes a profile and information on products.
  • United (S.S.) Engineering Works - Makers of automotive and tractor parts and accessories. Includes a profile and an overview of products.