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India: : Maharashtra: Localities: Tarapur  (11)

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  • Anchor Chemical Industries, Ltd - Manufacturers of high purity specialty chemicals and intermediates. Inorganic dye intermediates for the leather and textile industries. Chemical structures and application information.
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  • Benzo Chemical Industries - Manufacturers of bulk drugs and formulations, including gelatine capsules.
  • Chirna Chemo Pharma Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturers of phenyl hydrazine hydrochloride, metal pretreatment and finishing products, fine organics and laboratory chemicals, and nailpolish.
  • Cosmic Chemicals - Manufacturer of inorganic chemicals, including acetates, nitrates and sulphates.
  • GSP Chemical Industries - Manufacturer of laboratory reagents, including methyl red, indicators, stains, pthaleins, suphothaleins.
  • J.P.Pharma-Chem - Manufacturers of metal soaps, stearates, pvc stabilizers, and metallic oxides.
  • Orion Chem Pvt Ltd - Manufacturer of ordnance chemicals and products and additives for rocket fuel.
  • Retort Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. - Manufacturer of solvent dyes (oil soluble dyes) in powder and liquid form.
  • Shreenath Chemicals - Manufacturer of pharmaceutical raw materials, fine chemicals, drug intermediates and feed supplements.
  • Vivid Chemicals Ltd. - Specializes in dyes, and dye intermediates.