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  • Adivasi - The Tribal People of India - A set of articles on their relationship with the state, other communities, and their economic situation.
  • Adivasi Contributions to Indian Culture - Essay on Adivasi impact on Indian philosophy, Buddhism and social customs and practices.
  • Adivasi Issues - A collection of articles on the issues surrounding the tribal peoples of the country.
  • Children of the Forest God - A number of photographs, and a few articles on people of scheduled tribes. Kamat's Potpourri.
  • Johara Adivasi - Community website for Adivasis in Assam. Includes news and articles.
  • Santals - The culture, language, literature and Ol Chiki script of the largest community of indigenous people in India.
  • The Adivasi Struggle - Account of the developing political involvement of the tribal people in Kerala. (Frontline magazine). (October 13, 2001)