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India: : Society and Culture: Issues: Aid and Development  (6)

  • Foreign Aid to India - A policy analysis of foreign aid programme by Shyam J. Kamath.
  • India Committee of the Netherlands - Independent NGO, based on solidarity with deprived groups in Indian society - informing people in the Netherlands how political and economic developments in the West affect millions of people in India.
  • Infochange - India - Updates, news and views on the development sector, including pollution control and environment care. Includes info on eco-friendly initiatives.
  • Kutch Navnirman Abhiyan - A website for information and coordination of relief efforts and NGOs, following the February 2001 earthquake in Kutch.
  • U.S. Food Aid to India - Overview of the United States Agency for International Development programs and activities in India.
  • USAID India - Information from the United States Aid programme's India offices.