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India: : Government: Culture, Sport, and Tourism  (12)

  • Anthropological Survey of India - Multidisciplinary research center based in Calcutta promoting the anthropological study of the people of India.
  • Archaeological Survey of India - Includes a history of the Survey, latest developments, publications, and contact information.
  • Department of Culture - Includes information on the ways and means by which basic cultural and aesthetic values remain dynamic among people. Includes issues related to history, values and beliefs.
  • Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts - Provides an extensive collection of information and resources on a wide variety of arts.
  • Kendriya Hindi Sansthan - Promotes the Hindi language in government and culture. Much of site is in Hindi, and part is in English.
  • Ministry of Culture - The official site of the Ministry of Culture.
  • Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports - Describes staff, gives an account of the organisation of the ministry, and describes its functions.
  • National Archives of India - Repository of all non-current records of the government, held in trust for the use of administrators and scholars. Included are public records, manuscripts and private papers in many languages.
  • National Commissioner Linguistic Minorities - An organization to monitor implementation of safeguards for linguistic minorities. Includes a list of minor linguistic minority groups in the various states, reports of the commission, and the safeguard provided.
  • National Culture Fund - Describes the fund, the reasons for its existence, and its management.
  • Tourism of India - Promotional website for the tourism industry, and for tourism in the country.
  • Women Empowerment - Description of a programme promoting the role of women in society.