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India: : Jammu and Kashmir : Society and Culture: Human Rights  (21)

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  • Behind the Kashmir Conflict - The pattern of systematic human rights violations by all parties in Kashmir has been a critical factor in fueling the conflict that is often overlooked. If those violations had been seriously addressed at any time during the last ten years, the risk of a military confrontation between India and Pakistan might have been reduced. Human Rights Watch Report July, 1999.
  • Holocaust in Kashmir - This web site contains information of the brutalities committed on Kashmiris by the Indian army in the Indian occupied Kashmir.
  • India: Human Rights Developments - Conflict with Pakistan over Kashmir and communal violence dominated human rights developments in India. The Hindu nationalist Indian People's Party, Bharatiya Janata Party or BJP, which led India's coalition government in 1999, appeared to condone the activities of right-wing Hindu groups responsible for attacks on religious minorities and people at the bottom of or outside India's caste system, including members of tribal groups.
  • Indian held Kashmir at gun-point - Human Rights Violations in Kashmir, committed by the Indian Govt. Pictures, links, and book reviews.
  • The Indian Occupation of Kashmir - These pages are in memory of all innocent Kashmiri youth who laid down their lives for freedom.
  • Jammu-Kashmir - The Complete Knowledge Base - Seeking greater self determination for the state, and a better situation regarding human rights. Accepts Indian sovereignty.
  • Kashmir - Pakistani point of view.
  • Kashmir - Paradise on Fire - Concise yet comprehensive analysis of the dynamics of Jammu & Kashmir dispute and India-Pakistan relations.
  • Kashmir Chronicle: KIN Newsletter - A fortnightly newsletter focusing on the ethnic cleansing and terrorism unleashed against Kashmiri Hindus by Pakistan-supported Islamic fundamentalists.
  • Kashmir Conflict at - Discussion on the Kashmir conflict.
  • Kashmir Council of Australia - Kashmir Council of Australia aims to support right for self-determination of Kashmiris and condemn violations of human rights in Kashmir.
  • Kashmir: Hell in Paradise - A site depicting Indian atrocities in Kashmir.
  • Kashmir Online - Latest news, photos, and other articles related to the Kashmir Cause, from the people of Kashmir themselves.
  • Kashmir Record & Research Cell - Site provides various documents and latest news about Human right voilations in Kashmir valley
  • Kashmir WWW Virtual Library - Includes sites on geography and the latest news, as well as human rights and disputes over territory.
  • Kashmiri American Council - The Kashmiri-American Council (KAC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising the level of awareness in the United States about the struggle of the people of Kashmir for self-determination.
  • Kashmiri-Canadian Council - Dedicated to promoting the Kashmiri cause, both within Canada and internationally - to achieve self-determination for Jammu And Kashmir and protect the human rights of Kashmiri's.
  • Kashmirnet - A site dedicated to socio-cultural, political and current affairs in Kashmir.
  • Remembering Jalil Andrabi - Amnesty International report on Jalil Andrabi
  • South Asia Terrorism Portal - Information, data and analysis on terrorism, low intensity warfare and sectarian strife in South Asia.
  • The Truth About Kashmir - Comprehensive look at the historical issues, updates on foreign terrorists, casualty figures, weapons recovered and human rights violations by terrorists in Kashmir.