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India: : Kerala: Science and Environment  (8)

  • Birds of Kerala - Birdwatching sites, tours, and conservation news.
  • Butterflies of Kerala - A guide to the butterflies of Kerala, with a collection of photographs, from a travel agency site.
  • Ecological Protection Group - Group of Individials who works for the Ecology - Ecological Protection Group
  • Endosulfan Conspiracy - Account of the damage caused by the pesticide to the people and environment in Kasaragod, and of the means by which this chemical's usage was permitted to take place.
  • Flowers of Kerala - Photographs of various types of mostly cultivated flowers found in Kerala. Generic naming only provided.
  • Kerala Forest Research Institute - Undertakes research and studies in forestry, bio-diversity, wildlife, wood and soil science, silviculture, plant pathology and physiology.
  • KRL Encon Club - Energy conservation,environmental protection, and voluntary energy conservation club at Kochin Refineries.
  • Vechur Conservation Trust - A trust formed to save the Vechur, the smallest cow in the world, from the brink of extinction.