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  • Agro Engineers - Manufacturers of worm speed reducers, gear boxes, spur, helical, worm, bevel gears, racks, pinions, chain sprockets and other power transmission equipment.
  • Anies Stone Industries - Producers and suppliers of limestone, sandstone, and slate stones.
  • Anubhav Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. - Maker of sodium sodium sulphite, bisulphite, metasulphite, and related compounds.
  • Digicont - Manufactures alarm annunciator, timer, process and temperature indicator, temperature scanner, DC power supply, digital counter, digital time totaliser.
  • Harsha Stone Industries - Natural stone, lime stone, sand stone and slate suitable for paving, flooring and cladding.
  • Instrumentation Limited - Makes and provides control automation products for process industries.
  • Kappa Infotech - Offers internet provision and connectivity, web design services. Website has some tutorial material.
  • Microtech - Software and website development, IT training services.
  • PASHAN INDIA - Exporter of natural stones and stone artifacts.
  • Punav Slates and Stones - Produces tiling, paving and other finished products from natural stone, including limestones, slates, marbles.
  • Shrihari Laboratories (P) Ltd - Manufacturers of metal soaps, metallic stearates, oxides, PVC stabilizers, and other products.