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India: : Science and Environment: Earth Science  (6)

  • Amateur Seismic Centre - Provides considerable information on seismic information, including detailed maps. Covers neighbouring countries also.
  • Earthquake Reports - Indian Meteorology Department website; giving lists of earthquakes, reports and warnings, and other general information.
  • Earthquakes: CESS - Generic information on quakes, together with information on seismic activity in the country, and current research into it.
  • Geological Society of India - Information about the society, abstracts and contents of the society's journal.
  • Gujarat Earthquake January 2001 - Detailed information on the Kachchh earthquakes, including maps and diagrams to illustrate the fault lines. Numerous extracts of relevant news and technical reports.
  • Stratigraphy of India - Geology of the country, with maps and sections to illustrate stratigraphy of various regions.