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  • - Includes a chat and discussion area, matrimonials, the origin of the community.
  • Bishnoi - The Gurus and principles of the community devoted to eco-friendliness and wild life protection.
  • British Association of Rajputs - The history and activities of the organization.
  • Gujarati Akhil Darji Samaj - Information portal for Guajarti Darji community.
  • Hindustan Global Network - Discussion boards on over 400 different topics including Indian family, politics, issues, economy and education.
  • International Badaga Association - Non-profit organization dedicated to serving people of Badaga origin worldwide. Website has a collection of relevant articles, and space for forums, matrimonials and other issues.
  • Iyer Heritage Site - Resources for the Iyer community. Includes historical and religious information.
  • Kansara - News and stories of the Kansara community of Gujarat. Includes a message board.
  • Kayastha Parivar .Org - Website about the Kayastha communities of India. Includes lists of names, prominent personalities.
  • Kayasthas - The history, culture, and rituals of the community.
  • Kokani Muslim Jamat of India and Pakistan - Community site with links to other Kokani sites of the world.
  • The Kudubi Community - An brief introduction to the history and culture of the Konkani speaking Kudubi comminity.
  • Maithil Brahmins - The history, language, and culture of the community from the Mithila region of Bihar.
  • Manthani - Dedicated to the Manthani communtity of Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Moya Community - Origin, culture, rituals, and language of the community from the coastal region of Kerala and Karnataka.
  • Nadar Sangam - About the Nadar community of Tamil Nadu and their institutions. Requires registration.
  • Nanipugal Nagarathar - Website for the Nagarathar Tamil community.
  • Patidar Samaj - The culture and traditions of the Patidar community living in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Maharashtra.
  • Sainistar - History, events, and news of the Saini community.
  • Sakaldwipi Brahmins - About the origin and history of the community from Bihar. Includes a community forum.
  • Savji - Community portal for Somavanshiya sahasrarjun kshatriya samaj featuring news, events calendar, and directory.
  • Shri Somavanshiya Sahasrarjun Kshatriya Samaj - A directory of the members of the community. Includes chat and message board.
  • Sikhnet - For Sikhs around the world. Explores the history and evolution of Sikhism and its culture, offers many facilities for the community.
  • Sylheti Home - The history,language, and culture of the community living in exile.
  • Tibetan Culture - The culture and beliefs of the Tibetan community. Includes information on Mahayana Buddhism, Tibetan printing, prayer flag, and technology of traditional Tibetan printing.
  • - Information on Sikhs and Sikhism, listings of gurdwaras, chat and discussion areas.
  • Worldwide Association of Yadavas - Mission, community news, and forums.