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India: : Society and Culture: Issues: Child Labour  (8)

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  • Bonded Child Labor In India - Human Rights Watch Children's Rights Project report documents the causes of bonded labor, case studies, statistics and Government policies which deal with this socio-economic phenomena.
  • Child Labor and India - An account of the problem issued by the Indian embassy to the United States.
  • Child Labor in India - Covers the causes of child labor, statistics and government policies which tackle this socio-economic phenomena.
  • Child Labor Policy - Offers an overview of the Governemnt policy on employment of children and their working conditions.
  • Child Labour in India; by Taha Husein - Detailed discussion and account, statistics.
  • Child Labour Inquiry - On child labour in the country, its causes, governmental policies and the role of education.
  • Child Labour Statistics - Describes the concept and extent of the problem of child labour in India. Includes state-wise statistics in different economic activities and industries.
  • Concerned for Working Children (CWC) - Presents information on the status of working children in Karnataka state and the group's efforts to implement solutions.