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  • Hindustan Studies and Services Ltd. - Articles on Indian politics, society, culture, history, industry, people, Hinduism.
  • - Aa platform for Indian citizens to interact with their elected representatives and work to improve democracy. Links to media, references on the Indian political system, and news headlines available.
  • - Suggests that India can be a rich nation by 2025 and makes some suggestions as to how this can be brought about.
  • - Publishes articles on political and news topics, and invites comments.
  • Liberty Institute - A Delhi, India based policy institute promoting awareness and appreciation of a free society.
  • Mother India - Petition to maintain certain standards in the electoral system.
  • The Mother India - Promotes a clean electoral system. Stories and newslinks about electoral reform. Has stock letters to be sent to prominent politicians urging changes in the law.
  • Petition on Kashmir to Mr. Vajpayee - Online petition offering support for a strong militarist stand on the Kashmir issue.
  • Politics of India - A brief summary of India's political system, elections, administration, and political parties.
  • Reform India - Covers corruption and criminalisation of politics in India.
  • Samarth Bharat - A set of articles on the politics of the nation and its neighbours, mostly by Anil Chawla and VT Joshi.
  • Sight of India - Culture, politics, and society in South Asia; a set of articles.
  • Sword of Truth - A Hindu nationalist site, with both political and religious content.
  • Understanding Hinduism - Lurid anti-Indian website. Reproduces claims that Indian social and foreign policy is rooted in Hindu hatred of other communities and nations.
  • - Nationalist site aiming to promote a national identity based on Sanatana Dharma. Includes extensive links to and extracts from, relevant material on the web.
  • Who is Rohit Vyasmaan of - Article on an activist associated with Bajrang Dal and related organisations.