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India: : Travel and Tourism: Travel Guides  (17)

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  • Bhraman - Online travel magazine covering a variety of topics of interest to visitors and travellors.
  • India E Travel - A vacation and travel guide.
  • India Explored - Limited travel information on various regions, states and a few Indian cities.
  • India Tourist Office Europe - Official Government of India's tourism site for European tourists.
  • India Travelogue - Includes articles and discussion on history, journeys, and local information.
  • Indiainfo City Guide - Useful concise information for travellers. Only major cities are covered.
  • Indiamart Travel Guide - Directories of attractions, travel agents, tour operators, and accommodation. Also offers distance calculator, railway/airline timetable, currency calculator.
  • Indian Destinations - Brief information across the full range of visitor attractions and interests in the country.
  • Interknowledge - India - General information regarding history and some aspects of travel.
  • MantraOnline Travel Directory - Highlighting popular destinations, their brief history, along with a guide for how to get there and where to stay.
  • Ministry of Tourism - Official Government of India site on travel and tourism. Browse through city and destination guides, travel themes, information on hotels, airlines, travel agents and tour operators, passport and visa assistance, and addresses of tourist offices in India and abroad.
  • Services International - A guide to visitors. Provides detailed information regarding hotels, transportation, and package tours.
  • SoloIndia - Photos and information on tourist destinations and culture. In English, French and Spanish.
  • - Travel information including timetables, guides to principal attractions, hotels.
  • Virtual Tour of India - Contains information on selected states in India. Also includes maps and travel information.
  • Welcome to India - Introduction to the subcontinent that covers geography, culture, entertainment, food, shopping, trade and travel.
  • A WorldRover Guide: India - India maps, facts, history, travel guides and US embassy information.