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  • Anju Agarwal - Fashion designer. Details of work and accompolishments, products, including online visuals.
  • C.Raja and Tanmoy - Entertainers; details of stage and magic shows.
  • Goethals Indian Library and Research Center - Presentation of a vast collection of Indological books, approximately 16800.
  • Mamata Shankar Ballet TroupeĀ  - A dance institute engaged in teaching and performing choreographic presentations on various contemporary themes and folk forms based on the Uday Shankar style.
  • The National Library, India - Information about history, collections and publications of this major national library.
  • P.C. Sorcar Jr. - Magician and entertainer. Details of tours, family, and his life.
  • Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation - A nodal agency supporting the public library services system in the country. Detailed information about the foundation's activities.
  • Seagull Books - A publishing program for the arts in India, serious, in-depth, high quality works on the alternative, the non-commercial and the experimental.
  • Swabhumi - The Heritage Plaza - A small theme park which showcases the arts, crafts, heritage and culture from different. Information about events, shopping, conference and food court facilities.